Tax & Compliance

"Time is money."

This well-worn phrase is especially true for today's small business owner. The day-to-day demands of customers, vendors, employees, etc. mean that your greatest commodity is your time. Ulster Financial Group, Inc. understands and appreciates the fact that small business owners may not be able to stay up to date on the latest tax rules and other governmental regulations.

Our team works year-round to keep abreast of ever-changing tax and unemployment laws and regulations, making sure our customers meet all important deadlines. Our diligence helps clients reduce expenses and save valuable time on these burdensome administrative tasks.

Here are some of the tax and compliance-related services we offer our business customers:

Payroll Tax Management

  • Federal, state and local payroll tax calculations and deposits
  • Payroll tax return preparation and submission
  • Tax agency inquiry response

New Employee Reporting

  • Automatically captures new employee information
  • Sends new employee reports to appropriate state agencies

Tax Credits and Incentives

  • Federal, state and local tax incentives are identified and calculated
  • Simplifies the employment tax credit screening process
  • Negotiates and dispenses economic incentive packages

Wage Garnishment

  • Processes court-ordered garnishment calculations
  • Handles payments to appropriate agencies
  • Maintains compliance with all relevant current legislation, compliance rules, etc.
  • Available to companies of all sizes

Are you interested in learning how we can make sure your business remains compliant with applicable tax laws and governmental regulations?  Call Kelly Maroney, Sales Executive, at (866) 440-0391, ext. 3232 or e-mail her at

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