EmergencyOne - Kingston, NY

We care for his business, so he can care for his patients.
Dr. Ferdinand Anderson - Owner - Emergency One
The second coming of Woodstock in 1994 presented
Dr. Ferdinand Anderson with one of the more daunting challenges of his career: develop an emergency medical plan for 350,000 concertgoers.

“It took a year to develop the plan. We had 1,600 doctors, nurses and paramedics, 20 ambulances, and three helicopters. We ended up seeing 8,000 people over a weekend at local hospitals and clinics. It was quite an undertaking.”

Today, Dr. Anderson is still caring for people in the Hudson Valley as owner of EmergencyOne in Kingston, an urgent care clinic. And though they may not be of rock-show proportion, there are still challenges.

For instance, when the doctor developed plans to expand the facility in Kingston and open a Hyde Park location, his bankers balked. “Put it this way, they didn’t seem interested in what we were trying to accomplish,” he says.

Eventually, Dr. Anderson found an attentive advocate in Ulster Savings Bank, which provided lines of credit, equipment financing and insurance. “Compared to the larger bank we were dealing with, it was like crossing into another world. They were extremely friendly, and understood where we wanted to go. They became our partners.”

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