Hudson Valley Water Resources, Inc. - New Paltz, NY

Russ provides people with clean water, without
drowning in high bank fees.

Russ Chapman - Owner - HV Water ResourcesRuss Chapman, owner of Hudson Valley Water Resources, Inc. in New Paltz, built his business by making sure customers have access to safe, clean water. “About 70 percent of our business is residential… homeowners who have sulfur, hard water, iron stains. The rest is cleaning up environmental spills.”

According to Russ, people who run to big-box stores and purchase water treatment units often end up with systems that tank, because the problem hasn’t been properly diagnosed. “Before installing any equipment, you have to go out and check the water,” he says. “We do a thorough test and guarantee the results.”

When it comes to good results, Russ also appreciates a bank that delivers—and doesn’t soak him for every little thing. “Ulster Savings Bank is just the opposite of what we were used to,” he says. “They don’t have the fee structure that other commercial banks have. Our old bank charged for everything—even when we just called to verify checks. Not so with Ulster Savings."

“They’ve done a lot of good things for us…lines of credit, commercial mortgages. They came up with an inventive way to finance our building,” says Russ. “They run a good, crisp bank. And the people at all of the branches are the same—friendly!”

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