Seven21 Media Center - Kingston, NY

When Jeremy picked his cast and crew, we landed a leading role.

Jeremy Ellenbogen - CEO - Seven21 Media CenterWhen Jeremy Ellenbogen was devising a plan to expand his film and television production company, he scripted a plan that starred freelance media talent, bricks and mortar, and bankers. The result was the Seven21 Media Center in Kingston, a beautifully renovated building where directors, videographers and other media specialists share skills, equipment and opportunities.

“I wanted to grow our company, Ellenbogen Productions, without having to grow our core staff,” says Jeremy. “Now I can market the services of the media center collectively to people in New York City and be competitive on price and quality. It’s all about pooled resources.”

The $1.2 million project also required considerable financial resources. “Some banks just didn’t get the project,” says Jeremy. “Ulster Savings Bank looked at us as people. Anybody can make up spreadsheets. Anybody can do projections. But the numbers are only as good as the people behind them."

“Ulster Savings not only funded the mortgage, but also helped us save on taxes and offered lines of credit. When you’re trying to run a business, going through the application process can be a bit daunting. But there was always a smile, a ‘here’s how you do it,’ and they were fast to close.”

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