Introducing Money Management


As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best online banking experience for our customers, we recently upgraded our financial management software with a move from FinanceWorks to Money Management, effective Tuesday, February 27th!  We're excited about this migration as Money Management offers a greatly enhanced user experience - all of the personal financial data you need in an easy-to-understand format!  It has never been easier to manage your money!

Here's how Money Management's key features compare to FinanceWorks:


Feature FinanceWorks

Money Management

Outside account graph on home page X X
Spending graph on home page X  
Budget graph on home page   X
Aggregate outside accounts X X
Quick peek X X
Auto-categorization success rate 63% Approx. 90%
History X X
Split transactions X X
Tag transactions   X
Add notes/memos to transactions X X
Add sub-categories X X
Flag & view business transactions X X
Spending chart X X
View/customize budgets X X
View/manage financial goals   X
View spending trends   X
Debt payoff calculator   X
View net worth   X
Receive e-mail alerts X X
Receive text alerts   X


Q & A:

Will any of my previous data be carried over from FinanceWorks to Money Management?
Yes, 18 months of previous data history will migrate to Money Management.

Will categorization of my expenses carry over to Money Management?
Most expenses should carry over.  However, if you have added personalized categories, you may have to reset them within Money Management.  (TIP:  Download your current categories into a Microsoft Excel file now so you can refer to it when setting up your new customized categories in Money Management.)

Will I need to set up / establish new budgets, alerts and goals?
Yes, you will have to set up / establish new budgets, alerts and goals within the Money Management platform.


Please contact our Customer Service Center with any questions about the Money Management platform.


Money Management


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Did you know about our Financial Education Center?
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