Ulster Savings Bank Schedule of Other Fees and Service Charges

Effective as of 8/23/2022

Account-based Maintenance and Service Fees

Your account at Ulster Savings Bank may be subject to monthly maintenance fees and charges for specific features and services, under the terms and conditions of your specific account disclosed to you under separate cover.

Fees and Service Charges applicable to Commercial Checking accounts are disclosed under a separate schedule.

Service Charges

In addition to the account-based maintenance and service charges that may apply to your account, the following are the fees and charges for other services available at Ulster Savings Bank:

Account Statement Copy (per statement) $3.00
Bank Checks (issued for depositors only) $8.00
Certificate of Protest $30.00
Check Printing Fees Varies
Collection of Foreign Checks (per check) $25.00*
Counter Check (per check) $1.00
Early Closure of Account (within 5 months of opening) $25.00
Returned or Paid Checks (OD Privilege Fee/Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds includes Electronic Funds Transfer Debits) $30.00**
Continuous Overdraft Fee/Negative Balance Fee (daily beginning on the 6th calendar day) $5.00
Incoming Wires $10.00
Interim Account Statement (terminal copy) $5.00
Legal Process (Liens, levies, restraining orders, etc,) Per Action $100.00
Online Banking FREE
Online Bill Payment FREE
Online Bill Payment Overnight Check Expedited Fee $14.95
Online Bill Payment Same Day Electronic Payment Expedited Fee $9.95
Outgoing Wires or Cables (Domestic – per item) $30.00*
Outgoing Wires or Cables (International - per item) $100.00*
Passbook Replacement $10.00
Photocopies (per item, check or page) $1.00
Research/Reconciliation of Account (per hour) $30.00
Special Statement Handling (per month) $5.00
Stop Payment (all stop payments) $30.00
Stop Payments (Bank Checks) $30.00
Telephone Banking FREE
The cost of certified mail, return receipt requested and publishing any notice that money in the account is to be turned over to New York State as Abandoned Property Varies
Return Check Charge (checks negotiated through us, drawn on other banks and returned unpaid) $10.00
MasterCard Check Card/ATM Card Replacement $10.00

Withdrawals made using your Ulster Savings Bank Debit MasterCard or your Ulster Savings Bank ATM Card at non-Ulster Savings Bank ATM facilities will be processed at a fee of $1.50 per transaction, in addition to any fee the facility owner may assess.

Consumer and Residential Mortgage Loan Servicing Fee Schedule

Note: If any documents require recording, appropriate recording fees will apply.

Appraisal Fees (varies by property) $475.00 - $2000.00
Returned/Dishonored Check Fee $20.00^
Returned/Denied ACH Payment Fee $20.00^
Partial Release of Mortgaged Premises $350.00+
Spreader Agreement $500.00 - $1000.00++
Release of Borrower Fee $600.00+++
Mortgage Subordination Fee $350.00
Assignment of Mortgage to Non-Investor Bank/Third Party $1500.00
Real Property Tax Service Fee $83.00^^
Servicing Request to Transfer Title of Property to LLC 1% of Loan Balance

*Exclusive of any fees or service charges assessed by intermediaries.

**Applicable laws, regulations and rules permit an item to be presented multiple times for payment and we do not control the number of times an item is presented and re-presented for payment, regardless of the method by which the item is presented and/or re-presented payment, the presentment and each and every re-presentment of the item shall constitute a separate new transaction and shall be subject to a separate new fee each time the item is presented and/or re-presented for payment.

**For consumer accounts that have chosen to participate in and have been approved for the Overdraft Privilege Service: If your account had a de minimis overdraft (currently $30.00 or less), your account statement may reflect an overdraft charge on the day the de minimis overdraft was paid and a reversal of overdraft charge on the following business day together with a reversal of any other overdraft fee caused by the initial overdraft fee in connection with the de minimis overdraft transaction.

^The bank which returned the dishonored check or returned/ denied the ACH payment may charge additional fees pursuant to your account agreement with said bank.

+Plus appraisal fee and title insurance partial release endorsement fee of $150.00

++Plus cost of title insurance for the property being added to the mortgage

+++Plus credit report fee $20.30

^^Real Property Tax Search $83.00 for loan amounts below $500,000 – Fee increases $10 per $100,000 over $499,999

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