Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools and resources they need to help them succeed. Here you’ll find access to our ATMs, comprehensive online tools, and much more.

ATM Locator

Debit Card Security

We use EnFact, a fraud monitoring provider, in order to ensure your accounts are safe against various types of fraud. 

If your transaction is declined or your debit card is locked contact Enfact, at 1-800-262-2024.

It's important that you are aware of the products and services that are working for you, which may require your attention and engagement to ensure they perform at an optimal level.

When suspicious activity is detected, EnFact will contact you via a text message or by phone call to verify that the transactions made, or those attempting to be made, are coming from you and not a scammer.   It is critical that you answer the message as soon as possible.  Please remember that we would never ask you for sensitive information such as your account number, your social security number, etc.  Always feel free to contact US if you have any questions.

Calls from EnFact will come from 1-800-262-2024. You need to respond to these calls, as failing to do so may leave the door open for fraud to occur or result in your card being frozen from future use in order to prevent it.

Online Safety Tips

The internet makes everyday tasks like shopping, banking and paying bills faster and more convenient. It's important to be safe and responsible online. Scammers use the internet in many ways to try to trick you into sending them money or your personal information.

At Ulster Savings Bank we take online safety and security very seriously. We have compiled a digital library to educate our customers about fraud prevention, online safety and identity theft. Take advantage of this important resource today.

Order Checks

Please log into your online banking account to find the link to order your checks or visit the Harland Clarke website.

Prepaid Cards

You can check the balance on your prepaid cards and prepaid gift cards, as well as view transaction history, set up direct deposit and reload your cards.

Telephone Banking

Can’t get to the bank to transfer funds from your savings to your checking? With telephone banking, you can:

  • Check account balance information and transaction history
  • Transfer money between eligible accounts
  • Request stop payments of checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Check rates

Convenience & Flexibility 24 hours a day... 7 days a week!

Local 845 area code: 338-0900

Toll Free: 888-579-4344

Don't speak English? Language Services offers many different languages!

Financial Education Resources

Economic and financial literacy is an important skill for daily financial decisions. We are here to help with the critical knowledge you need to take control of your financial education. You can use our online education tools to help you with financial insight into topics that are of interest to you.

Financial Education

We offer a wide range of online education modules on a variety of topics such as checking accounts, credit cards, car loans, insurance, investing, small business lending, owning a home, and preparing for retirement - just to name a few. Start your financial literacy journey with US!

K-12 Learning

EVERFI is here to help families bring learning to life at home. EVERFI's digital lessons are used by more than two million K-12 students, and thanks to our sponsors, are always available to school districts and educators at no-cost.

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