At Ulster Savings, we’ve built a strong reputation as an outstanding mortgage provider, serving the lending needs of thousands of home buyers throughout the Hudson Valley.  Experience matters and we're here to help you find the right mortgage to fit your particular situation.

Our Mortgage Specialists are available at a mutually agreeable time at the office location most convenient for you.

FAIR LENDING STATEMENT: Ulster Savings Bank is committed to making high quality banking and credit services available to all applicants consistently and in compliance with fair lending laws and within the confines of safe and sound banking practices.  Ulster Savings Bank believes that its commitment to fair lending is a good business practice as well as a basic responsibility of the company.  The Bank’s success at serving a wide range of consumer and business customers is essential to the economic welfare of the community in which it conducts business and to the continued growth and vitality of the company. 
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Take the first step to homeownership with a pre-qualification. Before you find the right home, you need to find the right mortgage. Being pre-qualified by an expert mortgage lender that lets you know how much buying power you have. Knowing your buying power will give you the knowledge needed when you start looking for that perfect home. If you are in the market for a new home, call Ulster Savings Bank first.Our mortgage team, from our mortgage specialists to our processors, underwriters and loan servicing group, all strive to make owning your home the dream it was meant to be!

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Construction Loans

Building instead of buying a home?  We've have options!
We offer flexible programs, timely advances to keep your project moving and interest only payments during construction.  We allow 24 months for construction and offer both double and single close construction loans.  The difference is the single close construction loan allows you to take advantage of low rates while you build so there's no mystery to your interest rate when converting to a permanent mortgage!  Plus with single close construction loans, you avoid the fees of a two closing process!  

Contact US today to see what is the best fit for your particular situation!

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Home Equity Loans

Whether you're looking to do home improvements, pay for a child's education or consolidate debt, a Home Equity Loan may be the solution for you!  If you've built up enough equity in your home, a Home Equity Loan may allow you to pay off these, and other, major expenses.

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Homebuyer Seminars

We conduct homebuyer seminars throughout the year to further educate area residents on the homebuying process. Participants gain valuable knowledge and increased confidence. We offer a $750 homebuyer credit to those that attend.

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Mortgage Specialists

Our staff offers their lending expertise - for purchase, refinance, home equity and construction lending - to all of our residential mortgage customers. Our  long-standing relationship with local builders and real estate professionals makes the lending process smoother for our customers.

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Homebuyer Dream Program

Ulster Savings Bank has been offering the Homebuyer Dream Program in conjunction with the Federal Home Loan Bank of NY since June 1, 2020. Under this program, you can secure the funds you need for the down payment and closing costs of your first home.

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Financial Education

Credit Scores and Reports

It is important to understand how credit scores and reports work and how they can help you achieve the financial goal of buying a house.

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Financial Education

Home Education Module

Learn about Mortgage features and costs, different types of mortgages, applying for a mortgage, and special financing products and programs.

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