Business Loans

As a business owner, we know you’re always looking for new opportunities to expand and grow your business.

Ulster Savings has flexible financing options to help you figure out everything from acquiring a business to purchasing a new building, equipment or funding seasonal working capital. Whatever stage your business is in, we can help you choose the correct business loan, line of credit, or real estate financing that fits your needs.

We strive to understand each customer’s vision of his or her unique business. Our decisions aren’t made from a main location hundreds of miles away, with no understanding of the local issues. Our decision makers live and work right here in the Hudson Valley.

Business Banking Services

Business Banking Services

Businesses have evolved banking needs at every stage of development, and banks offer many types of services and support.

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Business Financing

Business Financial Statements

Use your financial statements to gauge your business' past performance and make informed business decisions for the future.

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Business Credit

How Businesses Obtain Credit

By understanding how credit works and how lenders assess credit applications, you can be better prepared when you apply.

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Fair Lending/Fair Housing Statement

Ulster Savings Bank is committed to making high quality banking and credit services available to all applicants consistently and in compliance with fair lending and fair housing laws and within the confines of safe and sound banking practices.  Ulster Savings Bank believes that its commitment to fair lending and fair housing is a good business practice as well as a basic responsibility of the company.  The Bank's success at serving a wide range of consumer and business customers is essential to the economic welfare of the community in which it conducts business and to the continued growth and vitality of the company.

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