Term Loans

The right financing option can ensure that you’re ready for growth on your terms.

We offer a variety of term loans to help your business purchase capital goods and equipment, fund a change in ownership, complete a special project, consolidate debt, or perhaps purchase a specialized vehicle. Our expert commercial lenders will structure the loan by working with you to evaluate your existing debt obligations and assessing your historical and projected cash flow.

Benefits include:

  • Acquire machinery, equipment, or other assets with fixed monthly payments.
  • Increase your working capital to help you grow your business.
  • Strengthen your competitive position by obtaining the equipment and assets you need to operate more efficiently.

Managing a Growing Team

A smart and organized recruitment and retention strategy can save your organization time and money while providing a foundation for sustainable business growth.

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Customer Acquisition and Retention

Understanding how to best acquire and retain new customers will help your business reach your growth goals and turn a profit in the long term.

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Women and Minority-Owned Small Businesses

If you are a woman or a member of a minority group launching a small business, many opportunities are available to help you fulfill your business goals.

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Fair Lending/Fair Housing Statement

Ulster Savings Bank is committed to making high quality banking and credit services available to all applicants consistently and in compliance with fair lending and fair housing laws and within the confines of safe and sound banking practices.  Ulster Savings Bank believes that its commitment to fair lending and fair housing is a good business practice as well as a basic responsibility of the company.  The Bank's success at serving a wide range of consumer and business customers is essential to the economic welfare of the community in which it conducts business and to the continued growth and vitality of the company.

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