Sweep Services

Put each day’s excess cash to work by eliminating manual transfers—saving you time and money.

Sweep accounts are a great way to let your excess money work for you. At the end of every day, funds are automatically transferred (or swept) to a specified balance amount from your commercial checking account into an account that earns interest - helping you earn money on your operating cash.

"The best thing I like about working with Ulster Savings is it’s a small community bank. I’m old school. Ilike to pick up the phone and call. They always respond. It’s like dealing with friends."
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Small Business Essentials

Understand the financial basics of managing a small business. We are here to help with the critical knowledge you need to take control of your financial education.

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Fraud Prevention Education Tools

We take online safety and security very seriously and have compiled a digital library to educate our customers about fraud prevention, online safety and identity theft.

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Expand and Grow

Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Ulster Savings has flexible financing options to help you figure out everything from acquiring a business to purchasing a new building, equipment or funding seasonal working capital.

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24/7 Debit Card Support: 866-440-0392
Calls from 800-262-2024 are from our fraud monitoring provider Enfact.
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