February 2024

Financial Literacy Program Graduates

Posted February 22, 2024

We launched our first community-based Financial Literacy Program in collaboration with the Center for Creative Education and their SPICE program. The program is designed to equip members of the community with the critical knowledge and skills needed to make strong financial decisions. On February 22, 2024, 22 women graduated the inaugural class with a celebration honoring their individual successes which was held at the bank’s main location in Kingston.

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Graduates holding certificates

Wrapping Anemones to Help Fundraise

Posted February 21, 2024

A big thank you too all our employees who volunteered to help the Mental Health Association in Ulster County  wrap anemones to complete fundraiser orders at our Kingston headquarters. We apprecaite everything our employees do for our community.

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USB employees wrapping anemones

Leap of Kindness Day

Posted February 29, 2024

In the past two months, 500 gift cards totaling $13,000 were given to members of the community to help pay it forward. We’ve heard some heartwarming stories such as cards given out at grocery stores and gas stations. And two cards went to a local student to assist her in attending an aerospace program, helping her achieve her goal of becoming an astronaut! We’re sure there are many untold stories too! Glad to be a part of Leap of Kindness Day.

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USB Employees with Pay it Forward envelopes

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