Honoring our Anniversary with 170 Acts of Kindness - Celebrating 170 Years

Honoring our Anniversary with 170 Acts of Kindness

Without you, there would be no US.
Kindness matters, pass it on. #USBKind.

In honor of our 170th anniversary this year, we are celebrating with 170 acts of kindness in our communities.



Spreading Kindness with Free Pancakes

On Monday, October 18, we gave out coupons for free pancakes to the first 70 customers at the Village Pancake Factory's grand opening. Poughkeepsie Branch Manager Dennis Conn joined owners, Ismael (Izzy) Roman and Samantha DeLena along with their staff for the celebration and helped distribute coupons to delighted customers.


Hyde Park Consignments - WBPM Workplace of the Week

Congratulations to Eric and the staff over at Hyde Park Consignments for winning this week's 92.9/96.5 WBPM Workplace of the Week. Special thanks to Dora Visbeck (Branch Manager) at the new branch in Hyde Park for stopping by  to make our weekly 'Culinary Acts of kindness' possible. Of course, a delicious lunch was provided by Home Plate Deli & Caterers! 


Floating Business Break Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Rivera-Ramos of Red Cedar Landscapers, Inc. for being the lucky winner of our special $170 gift card drawing at the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce Floating Business Break mixer on the Hudson River. Mr. Rivera-Ramos is pictured with MaryRose Warcholak, Ulster Savings Bank SVP/Retail Banking Officer.


Insulated Bag Donation

Our Phoenicia branch supervisor Lynn Hefferman donated reusable bags to the Boiceville Supermarket IGA. Owner Nancy Occhi was very grateful for the donation and said customers of the supermarket love our insulated bags.


Coldwell Banker - Workplace of the Week

Amy Forste and the crew at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC on Fair Street in Uptown Kingston were the lucky winners of the 92.9/96.5 WBPM Workplace of the Week. They won a delicious lunch provided by Home Plate Deli & Caterers. Special thanks to Rich Heese, Mortgage Spoecialist, for stopping by to help us present this "Culinary Act of Kindness." 


The Staff at Dr. Lescales' Office - Workplace of the Week

Congratulations to Dr. Lescales Office-Ultrasound of Lescale MFM and his Poughkeepsie staff located at 68 West Cedar Street for being this week's Workplace of the Week. Special thanks to Dennis Conn, Poughkeepsie branch manager for joining to help us sponsor this week's lunch provided by Home Plate Deli & Caterers.


Sharkie's Customers Get a Tasty Treat

Sharkie's meatballs were on US all day on Friday, September 10 courtesy of our Woodstock branch. Word of mouth traveled quickly and the Woodstock community turnout was a huge success. Pictured in the center is Mark Rosenberg, Sharkie's owner.. Also pictured is the Woodstock branch gang including Tyler Ury, Cody Bivins, Maegan Quinn, Brianna Keary and Debra Benn.


The Arc Mid-Hudson Transportation Department - Workplace of the Week

Congratulations to Mike and the crew over at The Arc Mid-Hudson's Transportation Department on Flatbush Road in Kingston for winning the 92.9 WBPM Workplace of the Week!  On September 9 the employees received a delicious lunch on US from Home Plate Deli. Thanks for our Social Media Coordinator, Michaela Roycroft (third from left) for helping with the luncheon.


Ulster Uniform Service - Workplace of the Week

This week's WBPM Workplace of the Week was Ulster Uniform Service, Inc. The gang at Ulster Uniform received a delicious lunch provided by Alex at Home Plate Deli & Caterers.A special thanks to Steve Hack, (far right) Ulster Savings Bank Commercial Loan Officer for stopping by and helping to make this 'culinary act of kindness' possible.


Spreading Kindness With Free Ice Cream

On August 28, ice cream at Stewart's Shop in Modena was on US. The store manager mentioned that the ice cream was a little slow and that the weather was probably a factor. Many customers were surprised to learn that their ice cream was on US. One gentleman commented that this is why he loves banking with Ulster Savings, and one woman stated that she would come to visit the branch this week. Pictured from left to right are: Celina Morgiewicz; Stephanie Gaspar; Stewarts employee, Jillian; Stewart Shop Manager, Corey Brainard; Branch Manage, Jared Cole; and, Branch Supervisor, Stephanie Walsh. 

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