Mortgage Specialists

It’s so important to work with a qualified lender with a proven history, like Ulster Savings, so that you are advised properly about all the loan products available to you.

Sure, you can self educate online and you should! But, it’s always helpful to talk to an expert to understand the twists and turns that could arise along the way. Have your questions answered by US. Our mortgage specialists are fully licensed with the National Mortgage Licensing System(NMLS) and have been through extensive training to ensure they are up to date on the latest programs and guidelines.

Ulster County Mortgage Specialists

Photo of Don Doyle

Don Doyle

NMLS# 680485

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Photo of Greg Eckert

Greg Eckert

NMLS# 4935

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Photo of Richard Heese

Richard Heese

NMLS# 467202

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Photo of Corey Keyser

Corey Keyser

NMLS# 1318534

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Photo of Barbara C. Mayfield

Barbara C. Mayfield

NMLS# 657434

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Photo of Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

NMLS# 1499297

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Photo of Michele M. Rizzi

Michele M. Rizzi

NMLS# 423364

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Photo of Mark Trott

Mark Trott

NMLS# 657439

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Dutchess County Mortgage Specialists

Photo of Christy Kowalsky

Christy Kowalsky

NMLS# 1898770

Contact Christy
Photo of Matthew LaSpada

Matthew LaSpada

NMLS# 1579106

Photo of Michele M. Rizzi

Michele M. Rizzi

NMLS# 423364

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Orange County Mortgage Specialists

Photo of Susan Boersema

Susan Boersema

NMLS# 657419

Contact Susan
Photo of Alan Burton

Alan Burton

NMLS# 147031

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Photo of Jack Fanning

Jack Fanning

NMLS# 657427

Contact Jack

Westchester Mortgage Specialists

Photo of Margaret O’Connor

Margaret O’Connor

NMLS# 90777

Contact Margaret
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